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Five Secrets of whitening in winter
2017/12/22 3:26:41

Reading Guide: how to whiten in winter? Mm do not use the wicked sun in winter, and the ingredients of the whitening product have this light spot and the function of repairing sunburn. Whitening has always been the constant pursuit of women. How much do you know about the secret of whitening in winter? What is the most effective way to whiten winter whitening? Underneath the white in red, I tell you the secret of whitening! Make your skin bright and moving!
Whitening Mask
A mask is a treasure. The mask can provide a large dose of whitening nutrition for the skin in a short period of time, for whitening. Through the ultra strong permeability, the skin can be greatly improved, so that the skin can reach the unprecedented ideal state. And the mask of special seal cover form, so that the surface of the skin temperature rise, thus opening the pores, whitening ingredients quickly absorbed.
It's better to have an early preparation, as white as a rainy day. This effect will be better, we should pay more attention to the usual maintenance, especially in the summer, the correct use of sunscreen will be of great help.
Here a beautiful Hongkong Si Yan Yan Bailitouhong collagen mask. It can quickly replenish the skin's moisture, increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum, improve the condition of water shortage caused by any environmental factors, and reshape the sparkling and bright skin. Add a beautiful beauty unique deep-sea fish collagen, can make skin delicate, long white, moist state.
First replenishing water and then whitening
If you drop a drop of red water on a dry sponge, you must have this experience. Red syrup will soon penetrate into the sponge, but the scope of penetration is relatively small. If a drop of red syrup drops on a wet sponge, it will quickly infiltrate into the sponge, and the penetration speed is very large. The absorption of nutrients is also true.
The whitening ingredients can be absorbed most quickly and most quickly, so I must use whitening products on wet skin. The product can play the greatest whitening effect.
Regular exfoliation
It affects the absorptive capacity of the skin, and the aged horniness is attached to the skin. Especially when I enter the winter, I will use exfoliating cream to exfoliate, and help the aged keratin to fall off quickly, so that the skin can absorb the whitening ingredients better and faster.
Oily skin can go to horny once a week, neutral skin can go once a half month, dry skin should be extended to once a month for keratin, sensitive skin can not exfoliate.
Be sure to make sure the skin is clean
Let dirt or cosmetic residue live on the face for a long time, if you often do not clean the face. Not only will it clog up pores, weaken skin's defenses, but also affect the ability of skin to absorb nutrition. Only when we remove skin oil, sebum and aged keratin completely, can we really clean the skin and make cell division of basal layer become active.
It is better to absorb whitening ingredients. Only the pores are in a relaxed state.
Whitening products are not abandoned
Whitening products, not because of winter, no vicious sun is no longer used, in the winter is the same need to sunscreen. Because winter is a good time to repair the skin, and the ingredients of whitening products have this light spot and the function of repairing sunburn.
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