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A simple and brutal autumn and winter moisturizing
2018/1/12 4:16:26

Today we are going to talk about the moisturizing of the water. Here are a few examples that let you know what is moisturizing, and what is the soaking cuticle.
Just wash the face, the skin is especially white especially tender; after applying the mask, the skin feels especially tender.
Spray water on your face - these are the soaked cuticles.
In a relatively dry environment, the skin remains hydrated for a long time - this is the real moisturizing and moisturizing.
The tragedy of the lack of water in the skin
Dry skin is prone to dry stripe. So don't neglect the dry texture of the eye. If it's too long to dry, from false texture to real fine grain, it will be tragic.
The lack of water can make the metabolism of the stratum corneum become abnormal. The waste keratin can not peel off smoothly, plus the secretion of grease everyday, it is easy to clog pores and form closed acne. If it is accidentally infected by Propionibacterium acnes, it will become red and swollen and inflamed acne.
Full of moisture skin looks shiny translucent and shiny, dry skin looks dark without light.
So moisturizing skin care is a basic work, we'd better go to the water to drink
First of all, you have to understand that the moisture of the skin, from the outside is not to go in. If you want the skin to be full of water, you must meet these two conditions:
1. water is sufficient in the body
2. sebum membrane health
Those who need water supplement suggest that after every day they wash their faces, they will use Angel Feather live muscle circulation water, every three days, using the angel feather live muscle circulation water to make a wet film compress for 3-5 minutes. There are two types of living muscle circulating water: refreshing and moistening type, can be used according to different skin quality, and the effect is better)
The small molecule effective components in it can effectively improve the ability of skin itself to catch water, and thus improve the effect of skin water content.
The significance of the sebum membrane is to lock the moisture of the skin firmly. So many people say that their skin feels like they can't lock the moisture, or that they are dry inside the skin and dry inside the skin. These are not the skin that should exist. This is the expression of sebum membrane damage.
So a healthy sebum membrane is very, very important for moisturizing the skin. The first thing we have to do is do not hurt the sebum film! So choose a clean enough, but very little damage to the skin cleansing products, like some amino acids Cleansing Cream is safe enough, not excessive sebum membrane damage, pure crystalline amino acid is suitable for all skin acne, skin damage, a super sensitive skin gentle clean face.
No harm to do after the repair of sebum membrane, essence and water essence products have a very good repair of sebum membrane efficiency. So the students who are very suitable for the damage of the sebum membrane are used for daily care. When your sebum film is healthy, you will find that not only does the skin self lock water increase, but the acne and allergies will be reduced!
There are these big magic weapons, even in the dry autumn and winter season, the skin can also be healthy and tender.
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