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Common mistakes in beauty and skin care
2018/2/28 0:27:16

Error one: squeeze the acne with your hands
The acne completely good time is 7-10 days, will leave scars, but if you ignore it, a good time is only 2-3 days, if the hand to squeeze the fingers into the bacteria also acne, is likely to cause skin infections, inflammation, and make acne worse. Every time your hand wants to touch the face, find something else to do. Stop touching your face for 3 weeks and you start to see a big change.
Error two: wipe the skin with a towel
After washing your face, it is better to dry the water with a towel than to wipe the skin, especially if you are still sensitive to the skin. The towel can cause irritation and friction, the friction for months and years will cause the skin to lose elasticity. If you wipe the skin of the eye with a towel, the black eye is more likely to form. In addition, the choice of towels is also very important, do not choose and wipe the same material as handtowels, pure cotton towels on the skin is less harmful.
Error three: with the make-up to exercise
Many MM will bring makeup movement, this is not recommended, as we exercise increased body temperature, the pore can be slightly relaxed and open, even with waterproof makeup will still be Tuozhuang, then it will make you turn pale. Besides, skin needs breathing when moving. Cosmetics and sweat mixing will hinder the expansion and heat dissipation of pores, cause skin blockage, and then form spots, acne, acne and many skin problems.
Error four: skin care products do not change
Using the same moisturizer for 365 days a year is a slacker. As the season changes, your clothes and diet are all adjusting, and your skin needs are changing. With the change of the season, winter can use a lot of face cream, the same reason, summer can choose a few refreshing. Dry skin needs more moisturizing and moisturizing, while oily skin needs to regulate the balance of water and oil. When you replace products according to the needs of skin season, you will find that the skin problems will be reduced a lot.
Error five: do not remove makeup before bedtime
It is as natural as to brush your teeth every night before going to bed at night. Skin care makers suggest you clean your face as soon as you return home, and keep dirt and make-up out of your face for a minute. It's one thing to clean up every day, but the cleanser of the weekend and the happy after the whole night is much more important, because you still have more make-up than usual. If you feel lazy, put makeup remover wipes on the bedside table, in any case on the last breath removed my make-up before going to bed.
Error six: moisturizing is the continuous water replenishment
The daily application of facial mask can lead to excessive water absorption, sebum membrane damage, skin barrier become incomplete, skin sensitive and dry, it is difficult to repair. Moisturizing Mask paste can be applied every day, but the water washing mask should be used for humidity two to three times a week. Tear mask, soft film powder and so on have strong exfoliation effect. Sensitive skin should be avoided. The most common skin should be used once a week or 2 weeks to avoid excessive exfoliation and lose normal barrier function.
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